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Dr Eric Watts
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Dr. Eric Watts


Dr. Eric Watts is a native of Goleta, and a graduate of The University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB). His Doctoral studies were conducted at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, CA.

An avid sportsman, Eric believes maintaining peak performance is critical for us to enjoy our lives, our bodies, and our beautiful environment in Santa Barbara.

Specializing in personalized healing

Tailored to You

"When people come to see me they say I ‘Listen with all senses’; words, body language, intuition, and hands. Healing often starts with feeling heard."

- Dr. Watts

914 Anacapa street, Santa Barbara, CA

The Office

 The Historic Cota-Knox Building

The Historic Cota-Knox Building

Dr. Watts' office is a welcoming and relaxed environment. Once a residence, the Historic 'Cota-Knox' building, located at 914 Anacapa st. was built of bricks that were used as ballast in the ships that came into town in the 1800's.  One of the oldest brick buildings in town, it is now part of the California State Park system that is in the same block as the famous Presidio, in Old Town Santa Barbara. In the mid 1800's, it was the residence and office of a former civil war surgeon. The residential feel is maintained, as the waiting room is more like a living room. Some of my clients like to use it as a safe place to meet their kids after school, and dogs are always welcome to come in and get a drink from the water bowl in the kitchen.



I’ve been receiving Network Care for over 12 years. Working with Eric Watts, DC has been a great experience. Eric’s professionalism and sensitivity made me feel safe and in competent hands from my first appointment. I feel that Eric is very knowledgeable and comprehensive in his work. I recommend him highly.
— Karen S. Lytle, MA
Dr. Watts is a kind, compassionate, and gifted practitioner. I feel lucky to be in his care.
— JN
Eric is a unique and gifted healer, and a joy to know.
— Kitty & George
Dr. Eric Watts is quite possibly the most caring, conscientious, and kind professional I have met in any walk of life. He has helped me out over the years not just with his chiropractic skills, but also with his general knowledge of medical and health promotion matters. He has a gentle touch and provides that is in distinct contrast to the bone-crunching way that chiropractors are sometimes falsely portrayed.
— D.F., PhD
I never believed in lighter force chiropractic treatment ‘til I went to Dr. Watts... Some of his work is quite traditional - sacral especially - and excellent. Some of it works like magic... And it’s AMAZING! Additionally, he has me address the root causes (in my heart and mind) as he works... So I leave feeling better physically and emotionally... WOW!
Thank you Eric!!!
— Martine White - Santa Barbara County Film Commissioner

My Promise

" I am aware that different people have different needs, and even regular clients have different needs on different days. It’s important to have lots of tools in the toolkit in order to be as effective as possible." 

Come in and see Dr. Watts if you would like:

  • Care tailored to your needs.
  • Solution oriented, results oriented, healing oriented care.
  • To be moving forward, towards peak performance, not just out of pain.


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The Method

Network spinal analysis

Network Spinal Analysis is a system of adjusting the spine which above all, honors a patient’s own ability to be it’s best healer, and uses tell tale signs that the body shows us, such as posture, tension, and subluxation patterns, to apply the least amount of force necessary to effect the greatest result at any given time.

At the same time, by starting with light force, our bodies can literally re-learn how to better unwind our own tensions. You become empowered to heal, which can be incredibly profound, and the results can be amazing, and long lasting. - Dr. Watts